Bringing Mindfulness to Life at School: PD for Teachers

“The more we practice coming back to the present with kind awareness the easier it is to actually be present – a vital quality for educators! Except perhaps for surgeons, teachers make more decisions than any other professional during the course of the workday, and the demands of the classroom require us to have simultaneously both expansive and focused attention.”

– Meena Srinivasan, Teach, Breathe, Learn

The Bringing mindfulness to Life @ SCHOOL: PD for Educators is a transformative program for educators interested in integrating mindfulness into life at school for personal, professional and student wellbeing and learning.

The Bringing mindfulness to Life @ SCHOOL: PD for Educators comprises fifteen hours of personally identified professional development. The program can be delivered over several weeks or months to meet staff needs and availability at your school or regional cluster. The Bringing mindfulness to Life @ SCHOOL: PD for Educators is offered annually mid-year as a 3-day training program.

This mindfulness-based PD is for educators wanting to:

  • Restore joy, confidence and creativity to teaching and learning
  • Respond to increasing demands, complexity and change with calm, clarity and composure
  • Reduce stress and emotional reactivity within and beyond the classroom
  • Recognise that relationships are at the heart of effective teaching and learning

The Program

The content, scope and delivery of the Bringing mindfulness to Life @ SCHOOL: PD for Educators are informed by Sharn’s years of experience as an educator and teacher educator with expertise in integrated curriculum, reflective practice and mindfulness in education. This experience and expertise are combined with training in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), CARE (Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education), Mindful Schools and MindUP Curriculums to make the program relevant, responsive and effective.

The Bringing mindfulness to Life @ SCHOOL: PD for Educators makes meaningful connections with relevant Professional Standards for Australian Teachers, with particular reference to standards four and six.

This mindfulness-based PD will equip you and your colleagues with techniques to:

  • increase focus and attention
  • improve communication with students, parents and colleagues
  • respond to challenging behaviours with clarity and calm
  • manage and maximize learning and preparation time
  • support the engagement of all students
  • reduce stress and emotional reactivity

Each session offers practical strategies to support personal, interpersonal and professional wellbeing, as well as promoting wellbeing of students and their effective engagement with classroom activities. There are opportunities for small group conversations, larger group discussions and reflection.

The Investment

$595 per person (Tax Deductible)

This includes:

  • 15 hours personally identified professional development
  • The Bringing mindfulness to Life @ SCHOOL Handbook
  • Guided Practice Recordings
  • Certificate of Participation – CPD Points apply
  • Membership of Mindful Works for Educator network

Discounts apply for staff groups. Cost for ‘in-house’ training negotiable on application.

What educators are saying about this PD

“A great introduction to the practice of mindfulness … Lots of ‘doing’ many examples of varied ways to practice mindfulness in your own life. Clear link and affirmation that the more mindful that you become personally the easier this will translate into how you conduct yourself in the work place.”

– Gail, Primary Principal, EQ

“I learned that what brings me and others joy tends to bring joy to students too. The resources and curriculum ideas for integration were very doable and there were short practices that can be used for transitions pre and post lessons.”

– Megan, DETE Positive Behaviour for Learning Teacher

Personally satisfying. Provided a lot of options and self-reflection – seeing strengths and weaknesses and coming to understand there’s different ways to respond to difficult situations.”

– Cathy, Primary Teacher, EQ

“I feel that coming as a team to the 3 days has been really beneficial and that we are all on the same page in our quest to bring mindfulness to our school.”

– Kerrilee, School Counsellor, CEO

“This training ‘hit the spot’ for where I’m at in my personal journey as a learner and teacher.”

– Karen, SWDT

“A revitalizing experience, rich in research-based knowledge and experience, shared with a supportive group of professionals who put themselves at the centre of providing quality education, whilst enjoying healthy, positive relationships with others.”

– Gail, Early Childhood Educator, CEO

Do yourself a favour and put your hand up for the course!! It is a wonderful experience filled with many resources and strategies to use both personally and in the workplace.”

– Paula, Prep Teacher, CEO

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